Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blog Of The Week: Mug Of Strong Tea & A Chip Butty

So I figured nothing ever happens on a Sunday right? Well, nothing to do with my 40 things list anyway. So I've decided to dedicate each Sunday from here on in, as a celebration of my blog friends, that have made me who I am really and have supported me in my hour of need.
It's always great when you get to meet and make friends with the cyber people that you first contact, none more so, than my first Blog of The Week:- MUG OF STRONG TEA AND A CHIP BUTTY.... I first met Phil, a few years ago at the Goose Fair as part of the Flickr brigade and we've been great buddies ever since. Phil shares my love of the arts, has a cracking sense of humour and is also a big fan of the Broadway Media Centre, where I like to frequent on a regular basis.
In his blog, Phil shares with us his mission to cover the width and breadth of Nottingham, exploring the many cafes, coffee and tea houses that frequent the many streets. From the chain stores to the back street establishments, Phil expertly guides us through each and every one and even though I've been a native of Nottingham all my life, he is forever finding places, that I didn't know existed! His writing excellently captures his sense of humour, whilst sharing with us his passion for food and people. His people watching in particular, will get you howling with laughter at his honesty.
If you add one new blog to your list this week, then let it be this one. I'm sure Phil will have a cup of tea and an anecdote waiting especially. Just don't eat all the jammie dodgers, they're mine!


Phil Lowe said...

You are very kind Janette. Thanks so much.

French Fancy said...

I love it when I find that bloggers know each other irl. Perhaps one day we'll all have to have a big blogathon somewhere.

Janette Jones said...

Phil - it was my pleasure!
FF - This blog world is such a small world, don't you think and yes a blogathon sounds like a very good idea indeed!