Sunday, April 26, 2009


I took some advice yesterday and I'm currently looking on line for beginners French classes. There seems to be quite a lot of French tutors around, which offer one on one coaching but at £40 an hour, I don't think I will be exploring that route!
I also finished the second edit on my book today and my next step will be to surf the net for advice on a synopsis. Just when you think you have finished with everything, there's a whole new list of items you have to complete, before sending anything through to an Agent!
Did I mention anywhere that my novel has a back story of football? It now seems that, that particular theme is following me around at the moment. On Wednesday I went to see The Damned United and tonight there's a programme about George Best, both of which cover the aspect and times that I'm trying to emulate in my novel. I'm also starting to read a lot more information/articles on the whole writing process. Funny how some things just seem to take over your life.


trousers said...

Oh, good for you as regards the French classes - hope it works out well, and it may even shame me into properly learning another language - as opposed to having a whole collection of phrases in different languages.

pinkgecko said...

The OU has great starter courses in loads of languages including French. Definately worth a look (and not nearly £40/hr).

Have to admit I am a little addicted to OU courses.

Janette Jones said...

Trousers - you and me both!

Pinkgecko - thanks for the recomm. but still coming in too expensive at £430

Phil Lowe said...

Have a chat with me about the OU course for beginners next time we meet Janette.