Saturday, April 25, 2009

Which Way Next?

I'm having one of those days today, when I'm seem to be taking stock of everything around me, getting things organised and jobs completed. My poor list has been neglected this year it has to be said. Mostly over lack of motivation, but a large part of that has been down to the fact that I've been concentrating on my book and had very little chance to do anything else. That has been good in some sense, I've been weaned off Facebook and other wasting time Internet applications, but not so good for my poor old list.
So now I have a bit more spare time to concentrate on my list, I've got a dilemma. What do I do next? I've got the hot air balloon ride lined up for May and Wimbledon for June, but I'm not sure which direction to go - any ideas?


bikerted said...
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bikerted said...

Motivation is something that is a problem for us as well right now JJ. Ian joined the unemployed at the beginning of April and is struggling to find something else.

Here are a few ideas for you to ponder on

#03 could be a bit nippy in April
#06 that's sorted. Ian sent
Guzzisue on a flight for her
40th over the Derbyshire
#08 & 33 Could be a bit difficult
as we are near the end of
the footie season.
#16 sorry. You will have to see
hubby about this for help.
#19 maybe try surfing over the
holiday period next weekend,
in Cornwall(see #03!)
#24 is the work still in progress
or has it been shelved?
#32 if a baseball match includes
in GB try this site

#34 save this for winter or a
long period off work.

Hope these comments are of some use - now to go and give Ian a kick up his backside.

trousers said...

Learn a foreign language, is my suggestion. Firstly because it's at the top of the list, secondly because it's something I've always wanted to do, and so far failed.

Janette Jones said...

Bikerted - sorry to hear about hubbie and hope he gets something soon. Thanks for the tips especially the baseball one - I will look that up!
Trousers - I took your advice and I'm currently surfing the net for Beginners French lessons