Monday, April 27, 2009


Still looking on line for French courses. The OC course that came recommended is a non starter at £430 (was thinking more about £40!).
Also currently writing my synopsis. I never realised there were different ways to write this, so I'm hoping I choose the right option! Had a look at Agents in my Writers & Artists Yearbook and have circled the chosen few. Question; is it wrong to want someone to act as your agent, just because you like the sound of their name?!
Don't forget I'm on Radio Nottingham tomorrow at around 8:15am. Will attempt to sound bright and cheery, but probably will be feeling tired and cranky, due to the fact that I won't have had my breakfast beforehand.


B said...

but you know there are free ou courses?

i'm addicted to the OU too. hoping to work towards a degree, but it's taking a while....

pinkgecko said...

I have been v.lucky and the OU have funded my degree and had grants. Should be finished next year.

So long as you link it to something they should fund the course, at least to some extent,(although Wales gives more funding than England I hear).

Janette Jones said...

B - thanks - I will look those up when I've got a mo

Pinkgecko - I will try the free option first and then opt for the funding - thanks for the tip!