Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Radio Nottingham Take 7

Well, my Radio Nottingham appearance came and went, fairly quickly. It was another short and sweet appearance, but this time I managed to talk about my blog and also about my book, as well as the various news stories that I had picked out to discuss. If I can work out how to extract the recording off the BBC Website, then I will add it to the others.
It's quite handy to do my appearances first thing, as I'm done and dusted by 8:30am, which gives me chance to get into work for 9am and then I don't have to ask for time off, which is always a good thing, in the current state of play.
Thank you for all your recent comments about the OU courses. I've suddenly developed a whole new understanding about the OU over night and will endeavour to find out more about the courses, but it won't be tonight.... Tonight is date night, so I've got pizza and a movie waiting for me. If you're lucky, I might just save you a piece...!


trousers said...

Would be great if you could post up an extract.

I'm curious though (and not in a bad way), how did you get to start appearing on Radio Nottingham in the first place? If you've a previous post which mentions this, perhaps you could point me towards it.

I'm pleased to hear the appearance went well today anyway.

Janette Jones said...

Trousers - purely by default! I emailed a load of media sources, hoping to get some media interest in my blog, when it was first started out. I was really wanting to see if I could get my column task ticked off, but Radio Nottingham got in touch and asked me to appear and I've done so every since, flipping between the breakfast and morning shows.

pinkgecko said...

Wimbledon is getting close. Are you going?

Janette Jones said...

Certainly am - not sure who with yet, but I have centre court tickets for Thursday of the first week!