Friday, April 10, 2009

25) Learn To Do The Tango

I've never been a fan of organised activities or clubs, so it came as a bit of a surprise that I enjoyed joining the dancing community for a brief six weeks. Of course I love people watching and there were, it has to be said, quite a lot of characters to watch! In particular I loved the fact that every week, we witnessed the Olympic champion limbering up, before each session and the fact that he had homed in on his favourite participant and stuck with her (literally!), towards the later part of the lessons - I didn't even get a look in!
The most annoying aspect of going to these sessions, is that you need a regular partner. The first couple of sessions, we had to share the dance instructor between us. This was made easier, towards the end, as some people had drifted away and a couple of lessons, I got the instructor all to myself. But it's that feeling, when we go from dancing separately to dancing with partners, when you stand, waiting for someone, anyone to ask if you want to dance with them, that I didn't like. Very reminiscent of being back at school and waiting to be picked for a team in gym class.
So six weeks later and for a very bargain £30, I can now dance a basic Tango, which I am very pleased about. At some point in the future, I may go back again and see if I can push to an intermediate level, but for now, I'm quite happy, if only I could get rid of slow, slow, quick, quick, slow out of my brain!


trousers said...

Great stuff! I reckon you should go back and take it a step (scuse the pun) further at some point. But then it's easy for me to say that, isn't it?

Seriously though (ugh - hate that phrase), well done for going for it and seeing it through.

Janette Jones said...

Thanks Trousers - it was an interesting six weeks to say the least! Now, got to decide what I do next off my list....