Monday, May 26, 2008

Africa Calling

I'm a great believer in fate and sometimes things that happen for a reason. Take my recent trip to Paris. I had taken the usual stack of reading material with me including a couple of back dated magazines that I was going to dump once I had read them. Having a final flick through one of them, I came across an article about Africa, which I began to read with relish. Africa has always subconsciously been on my mind since I was younger and I usually watch and read anything I can on the country.

It was only after coming to the end of the article that I noticed the competition it was running. A chance to go to Africa, by just writing 100 words on why you wanted to visit.

So, I'm not quite sure if it will fulfill one of my tasks (to work in Africa) and I know the chances of winning competitions are a million to one, but it was uncanny that I suddenly found the article and stranger still that it (nearly!) fits one of my task requirements. I'm going to enter, my 100 words are nearly written and I have until the end of June to submit my entry. I could be going to Africa this year after all!


sheepish said...

Good luck with the comp and climbing Ben Nevis hope the weather is fine.

Janette Jones said...

Thanks Sheepish. I don't do cold - so I hope the weather is mild and definitely no rain!