Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Spanner In The Works.....

When I signed up for the Ben Nevis Mountain Challenge, I definitely didn't think it through properly. Of course, I knew that I would need a certain standard of fitness and have attempted to do that, losing a stone in weight in the process. But I didn't think of all the stuff that I would need to purchase, not being of the mountaineering sort before I volunteered for this. I also didn't think of the logistics of getting to Ben Nevis - a seven hour drive from where I live, which would mean an over night stay the night before. Then there is the day's worth of climbing, followed by a seven hour drive back home - not practical and even may not be feasible after the climb, which would mean another over night stay. I had thought as far as hubbie would come with me, to hopefully share the driving and make sure that I arrive and depart from Ben Nevis safely (sometimes I need looking after in such matters!). Unfortunately hubbie went and booked his DB9 experience day, the day before I'm due to do the climb - in fairness I had neglected to tell him the exact date I was attempting to do this - a minor error on my part you would say. But, I can't lose sight of why I'm doing this. My cousin had a very painful six months of treatment, before he eventually died of cancer, aged just 34 and it's the thought of doing this for my cousin that means I will carry on and somehow get all the stuff I need, find the way to Ben Nevis and hopefully complete the mountain challenge. Cross everything for me.

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