Thursday, May 15, 2008

Getting On With It

It's half ten on Thursday night and I've still got a million and one things to do before I go away tomorrow. List wise, this week has been quite a productive one. I've trained every day this week, doing at least an hours worth of exercise a day. I've booked the accommodation for my Ben Nevis trip, which I have to admit was a little skeptical that I would get in any where. Not only is there a big charity event the day before my climb, there also appears to be a motorbike event as well that weekend (apparently a big thing in that area??!) But it's done and dusted now, so that's the main thing.
I just need a few more things to take with me for the climb and see if I can rustle up a few more sponsors and then hopefully, come June 1st, that will be another task ticked off my list. I also need to book my Ferrari day, which I think I will do after the Ben Nevis climb and that's it for stuff in the pipeline. Not quite sure what direction to go next with my task list. Obviously my novel is ongoing at the moment, but I fancy taking on a whole new different challenge. Watch this space....

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