Saturday, May 10, 2008

Beyond Boundaries

I was left speechless last night after watching this -
beyond boundaries. Ten young disabled people are attempting to cross Ecuador and the Andes with the help of Ken Hames. An unbelievable situation to put yourself through, even more so when some of the people taking part are reliant on wheelchairs or have lost limbs. I feel amazingly humble, especially when I think of how my able bodied self has been twittering on for the past couple of months on how I'm going to survive climbing Ben Nevis. What these people have endured whilst completing this expedition can only be described as heroic, but this bravery is only a small part of what they must go through, on a day to day basis in today's society. So, I will carry on with my training and hope that I can find at least a small part of the strength that these individuals have portrayed on this programme, in order to complete my expedition on June 1st.

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