Sunday, May 11, 2008

Love Somebody

Just recently, well yesterday as a matter of fact, I've been hanging around the website of this very fine specimen -
Rick Springfield. I hover every now and again, just to see what he's up to and just to see if by chance he may be touring in the UK. Silly really, as the last time he toured here was a one off gig in the eighties. I heart Rick Springfield and have done since my early teens, when I used to sit in my bedroom and spend hours listening to Atlantic 252, or whatever radio station played American rock at that time. Jessie's Girl is my favourite song and even now when I hear the opening bar, I still get goose pimples. I would love to see him in concert, hence the fact that's why it's included within my 40 things. Rick tours constantly, but for some reason, never seems to tour whenever I'm in the States (I missed seeing him on my honeymoon last year by a month). My plan of action would be to see him in concert in a state that I've never visited before, so I may persuade my husband (coincidentally also called Rick!) that we may need to take a trip state side next year, but of course you can bet your bottom dollar that Rick won't be touring then.....


[^Italian_Angel^] said...

This is a really cool blog!
I'm only 21.. but I find you ideas really interesting and fun..
Also, I think it's great to set goals for yourself, at any age..

If you don't mind I'd like to add you to my link list to check on your goals every once in a while..

Janette Jones said...

Thanks for your kind comments and of course I don't mind that you add my blog to your list. I'm due to climb Ben Nevis in just under a months time and I also have a ferrari drive experience lined up, so should be blogging about those pretty soon!