Thursday, May 22, 2008

Learn A Foreign Language Part 1

I celebrated my first wedding anniversary this week and my husband in a fit of romantic notions decided to take me on a secret trip to Paris. Now there is something about Paris that has always attracted me, it definitely has nothing to with men in stripey t-shirts on bicycles, or snails and frogs legs but it might, just might have something to do with the chic people and the wonderful language they speak.

I've chosen French as the foreign language to learn on my task list, so quite fitting that I went to Paris to practice my first attempt at conversing in a foreign language.

Okay, so I have to admit my conversation skills were limited, due to mostly french people wanting to speak in English (how rude!) in fact I have to admit that I only ended up asking three things:-

1) Room 503 please

2) Can I have the bill please?

3) Do you speak English?

But I have to start somewhere and it's given me an appetite to learn more. So this bank holiday weekend, I will most probably be loading my phrase book onto my i-pod and randomly coming out with french phrases.
Au Revoir!

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