Monday, June 9, 2008

Another Adventure

You know sometimes when you plan to do something and that idea just festers in your mind until it turns into something much bigger then what you started with? You know how reading my blog piece on my Ben Nevis climb, may have given you the impression that if I never saw another mountain ever again, it would be too soon? Well, someone gave me an idea, when I told them about my recent climb and I've been thinking about it ever since
Base Camp Everest

It may not be something that I do before I'm 40. It may be something that I may have to save until I'm a little older, but hopefully one day I can say that I've done it.

I can sense a whole new list emerging after I'm 40!


bikerted said...

50 things to do before 50? I would give Ian that list but he's getting too close to that now, hee hee!

Janette Jones said...

Steady on, I don't think it will be 50 tasks! I just want to continue having adventures, long after I'm 40!

Getty72 said...

Good on you! I also have Base Camp as a future aspiration.... however, I had a big fall in Wales 18 months ago and was airlifted to hospital by helicopter... soon after, I had a titanium shoulder fitted, lol!.... so it has kinda gone on a back-burner for a while (however, I am determined never to take it off the list!).

I wish you lots and lots of good luck and great enjoyment as you work your way through your list.

I'll certainly be back to keep updated on your progress.

Janette Jones said...

Oh my goodness - ouch (feeling your pain!)and I thought my blisters were bad from Ben Nevis! I'm very envious of all your travels - I did try to put some travelling within my task list, but there's still so many places I want to see.