Wednesday, June 18, 2008


We have a new person that's started in our office. A fresh from university chappie, full of enthusiasm and confidence, he's here for a three month contract. He's full of dreams of going to London, to make it as a Producer in the land of the TV, citing the BBC as his main focus for gaining a job. In our box standard corporate environment, his confidence shines like a beacon. Which makes me think. If had this much confidence when I was his age and followed my dreams, what would I be doing now?
At his age, I wanted nothing more than to write (sounds familiar!) and football was my life - a football journalist was my dream job and was something I carried through into my thirties. A combination of events prevented me from taking it any further. I began a career that took over my life and after a couple of knock backs, I was never confident enough to continue. So I could have been writing for the tabloids, or even commentating, if I had just pushed myself further, but life moves on and things happen for a reason. Football is no longer the main focus of my life anymore, but writing still remains a focus of what I want to do and where I want to be.
I haven't and never did have the confidence of youth behind me, but what I do have is a determination to at least try, hence the fact that this blog was born and writing my novel is going to be my focus for the next six months. I hope this time I succeed.

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