Saturday, June 7, 2008

How I Spent My Saturday Morning

When I got married last year, I really wanted to hire an Aston Martin DB9 for my husband to travel to the church in. Unfortunately the £5,000 deposit, was slightly too much for me to contemplate paying at the time, so I decided to buy him a drive experience day instead.

So, this morning, we went to a circuit just outside of Loughborough and hubbie got to drive his DB9 at last. I on the other hand, got to look at many fine Ferrari's in all sorts of colours and decided that the red one is definitely mine, all mine!

Come Monday morning, I will be booking my drive experience day and it would definitely be in this car - I can't wait!


Tom said...

I tried a Aston Martin experience day with What a fantastic day it was.

Janette Jones said...

Yes, hubbie totally loved his day as well!