Monday, June 30, 2008

Back On Track....

The black cloud that has hung above my head, for what seems like weeks now, has finally lifted and I spent a good chunk of Sunday writing an impressive 2,000 words for my novel. Well the fact that I wrote that amount in one sitting is pretty impressive, I'm not sure if the words themselves are impressive, but there we go!!
I've been trying to get some sort of structure together for my novel. Yes, I wrote the synopsis, did a character profile and a chapter synopsis before I started to write the novel itself, but now, nearly 20,000 words into it, things have changed. The biggest realisation is that the existing main plot wasn't enough to carry the whole book, so a whole new sub plot has now emerged, which was kind of there before, buzzing around in my head, but I didn't quite know how it would fit in, but now it's slotting in quite nicely. I've also redone a chapter synopsis, but just covering the chapters I've already written, to give me some sense of how the story is going, but also to hopefully stop any glaring errors - I'm sure there will be some corkers, when I get to the first draft stage!
For that split second when I sit at my laptop, I wonder if I will able to put into words, this world I have created within my head, but thankfully my fingers seem to find the appropriate keys and slowly but surely a novel is emerging.


Shanta Everington said...

Hi Janette

Saw your comments on Caroline's blog and thought I'd pop over. V impressive 2,000 words in one go and well done for getting 20,000 words in. It all sounds good.

I think it's right that the work evolves as you progress. I find it way too hard to plan it all out before anyway but maybe that's just me being lazy!!!

Shanta ;)

Willytheprince said...


If you are still thinking of NY for New Year's here is my friend's email who works in the hotel in Time Square. She said she will help you out.
Katy McLaughlin

I mentioned you so just let her know who you are.
Heather Prince

Janette Jones said...

Hi Shanta, may be calling on your services in the future for appraising the first three chapters before I start submitting - I'm a little while off that at the moment - loved your honesty in the interview with Caroline!

Heather - thanks for this - I will be catching up on my e-mails this weekend (hopefully she says with a busy itinery ahead!) and will e-mail your friend accordingly!

Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

Hello! Just visiting for the first time from BlogCatalog. I may have missed a turn sign, but in your List, what do the boldface and question marks mean?

Georganna @ A Writer's Edge

Janette Jones said...

Hi Georgina, thanks for visiting - I think your computer hasn't got the same software as mine and is perhaps interpreting the ticks as question marks!