Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Script For Dr Who

Just lately, I've been reading this:-
- a blog about a guy, Lance Parkin, who writes Dr Who books. It's full of hints and tips about how to write for the Beeb and how unfortunately they return any unsolicited manuscripts. Although I have to write a script as one of my tasks, I never really saw past doing that, which is perhaps best, considering the BBC return all scripts unread.
I love how Lance admits he has no contacts at the Beeb, as if fearful that he will get a shed load of scripts delivered to his door step! He doesn't know Russell T Davies or Steven Moffat, so sending scripts to this chappie would do no good.

I've decided I will continue with Plan A and write the script at some point, more for the experience of writing 'a script' and because I've loved Dr Who since I was three years old. Anything else that comes out of this is a bonus!


bikerted said...

Here's a thought Janette. Write a 10 minute Dr Who script and get some friends to act it out and put it on You Tube. Would this not complete 2 tasks for you?

Helpful Ted

Janette Jones said...

Cool idea - now I'm just trying to figure out which of my friends can play the Doctor!