Friday, July 11, 2008


Name's are funny things, don't you think? The other day at work we were talking about nick names and abbreviated versions of our names - Emmeline (named after Emmeline Pankhurst no less) prefers to be called Em, Dave C is called Cheeky, 'cos well he's cheeky and I mentioned that I only like close family to abbreviate my name. Then Wendy, staying quiet until this point suddenly blurts out "my nick name was Loulabella, when I was younger.......but my stage name was Loulabella De Fonso", which neatly beats the name of my sister's imaginary friend when she was little - Madam Caleegy from Ethiopia!

So, when it came to starting this blog, I wondered about my own name. Should I just use my first name? If I did use my full name, my maiden name was out of the question, as no-one could ever pronounce it and it always got miss-spelt and at that point I wasn't married, so I didn't feel I could use that name. Any way I reckoned my married name was way too long to fit on my BAFTA award! I'm waffling now, but what I mean to say is Jones is an invention, something I chose to hide behind at first perhaps, but it kind of stuck with me and is here to stay now. I'm hoping that the peeps at Radio Nottingham didn't think I was too barmy, when I tried to explain that I prefer to be known as this, when I go on the radio, otherwise people would just get confused when they went to my blog site and saw a different name. The blog content is very definitely me, I don't hide behind that, but Jones is like having an alter ego. Imagine me donning a Wonder Woman suit whenever I come to write a blog entry and you wouldn't be far wrong!
Confessional hour is now over.


Getty72 said...

LOL! I am releated to Emmeline Pankhurst (on my father's mother's side). My grandmother was named Nell, after her Aunt Christabel Pankhurst (Emmeline's eldest Daughter)... although I still haven't worked out how you get "Nell" out of "Christabel"?

I hate my surname, only really because everybody tends to spell it wrong, and a lot of my Europeans/Japanese colleagues struggle to pronounce it.
I did a bit of research a few years ago about what my name meant, and if you put my first name (Graham) and my surname together it means "The stonehouse on the land between two waterfalls". Once I discovered this, I decided that I quite liked it after all. Goodness, I can be so fickle!

Mmmmm, it could be quite fun imagining you donning the wonderwoman!

It is wonderful to hear from somebody who has an equal fondness of TV from yesteryear!

Janette Jones said...

No, I can't work out how you get Nell from Christabel either. My friend Em, lives so upto her namesake very up on women's rights!