Monday, July 7, 2008

I Heart Russell T Davies

I couldn't let a blog post go by without mentioning the awesome end of season finale for Dr Who. If there were any Dr Who story that I would have loved to have wrote, it would have been this one. Torchwood, Sarah Jane, Martha, Rose, Donna and K9, all helping the Doctor fight against the evil Daleks (have I mentioned before that I have a childhood fear of these things that still continues to this day?!) There were so many twists and turns to this story line, that my head was spinning with it all, but it was a fantastic episode and I'm sure Russell sat on Saturday night with his battenburg feeling mighty proud of this one.

I would love to know where his ideas come from and how he creates such vivid story lines - hopefully I might just well find out, as he is booked to do a literature festival in October. I will be first in line to buy those tickets!

In the meantime, with only the Christmas special left this year to look forward to, it may be the time to get into a Dr Who state of mind and begin writing my script.
I'll keep you posted!


Caroline said...

2 doctors and Captain Jack.
I have a whole new fantasy going on :)


Janette Jones said...

Oh yes! I loved the part when Donna throw Sarah Jane to one side and hugged Captain Jack!