Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Would it be wrong to write into DIY SOS to ask them to build me a tardis? Yes, I know that they usually help deprived families or people struggling to complete home improvements themselves, but I've got a bad back at the mo and my husband is due to go to Japan again on business and I really want one to help me write my Doctor Who script. Do you think I stand a chance? Go on, be honest, what do you think??


Getty72 said...

LOL! There's no harm in trying... you know the saying "nothing ventured nothing gained". And if DIY SOS do succeed in building one, and you use it and manage to whizz back a few years... let me know before you go, there's a few pieces of advice I would like you to give my younger self.

Best wishes ~ Graham :)

Janette Jones said...

Cool! My Mum would be in her element if I did get them to build a tardis - she loves Billy the electrician!