Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Pity The Fool

The Internet is an amazing thing, don't you think? You can randomly be thinking about anything, at any given time and there you have it, the whole world at your fingertips. For the past hour, I've been doing my usual blog catch up on all my fave blogs and then staring into space at my own blog, deciding what to write about and then it hit me - a random blog task - meeting Mr T!

Mr T, or should I say BA, was not my favourite character in The A Team, when I used to watch it in the eighties. That accolade went to Dirk Benedict (The Faceman), who I had a serious crush on. But Mr T was always there in the background, drinking his milk, shaking a few gold chains and refusing to go on any damn plane. It's only now when I look back that Mr T tends to stick in my memory - an iconic figure of the eighties and watching the old reruns on the cable channels, Mr T is definitely the star of the show, outshining all of the other characters.

So how do I get to meet him? Well, unfortunately I don't know anyone with Mr T connections, so the Internet is my best method of finding out. I've checked all the conventions that are happening in the UK, but no joy there. I've searched for any fan sites and the nearest I get to is a site that occasionally sends out any questions to Mr T's agent. Well you have to start somewhere I guess, so I'm going to e-mail them and tell them about my list and how I want to meet Mr T. A bit geeky, fan girl type of thing to do, I know, but unless Mr T decides to drop by Nottingham one day, I can't think of any other place to begin.
I love it when a plan comes together!


Birthday Girls said...

Unfortunately, I have no Mr. T connections - but will certainly keep my eyes open!
Thank you for the encouragement!
What a great idea to get a radio station sponsor your list! That got me thinking! My ideal would be to have a weekly column in a newspaper (as I LOVE to write), chronicaling my experiences and documenting the check marks as I try to accomplish all 33 things! Please feel free to send over any suggestions!
Take care!

Willytheprince said...

No Mr. T connection sorry to say but he doesn't seem so impossible like Jolie-Pitts so it shouldn't been hard to hunt down his agent.

Did you get in touch with my friend at the Hotel in Time Sq? Wondering if they are already sold out.

By the way, love your alias. Has a great ring to it.

Janette Jones said...

Birthday girls - I will keep checking in on you to see how you are doing!

Heather - have heard from your friend thank you, but the rooms are way over our budget ($600 per night) Glad you like my alias - it should fit on my BAFTA award okay me thinks!!