Sunday, July 6, 2008

Flying High

In a former life I used to be an estate agent, the one job that I have truly loved doing, but the one that caused me possibly the most stress and strain. One thing to lighten the mood when staff were stressing me out, was to tell them I was running away to join the circus. I don't quite now where I got that statement from, but it used to make the staff laugh, so it served a purpose! Now years later, when I began compiling my list of things to do, my mind was full of memories and thoughts of circus performing came to mind!
I decided I wanted to do something challenging, so juggling was dismissed and I didn't quite fancy flame throwing, so the trapeze came to mind. I have to say at this point that I'm a tincy bit afraid of heights, which only seems to rear it's head when I don't feel I'm in a safe environment, so when I attempt to complete this task, it will be quite a challenge. Oh and one more thing I forgot to say is that just by chance, there happens to be a trapeze school in New York, the one that Carrie Bradshaw used no less. So I'm hoping that it will be open when I'm there for the New Year and then I can score a hat trick of tasks off my list (fly a trapeze, be in Times Square for New Year and visit a USA state) I'm going to e-mail them in the next couple of days to check and PS I won't be wearing any lycra star covered costumes when I complete the task thank you very much!

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