Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Sign From The Gods?

It seems like hidden sources may be at work for me to pick my next task. For the last two nights, I've dreamt about the same thing.....babies! In the first dream I had a baby daughter called Alyisha, who I completely forgot I had given birth to and was about to walk out of the door until my husband pointed out, that wasn't I forgetting something? The second dream, again a baby daughter, this time I was busy showing her off to all my blog friends, that I'd never met before and I was at a Dirty Dancing type location??!
Now my friends at work made me consider a couple of options. What was I more afraid of, the fact I had a baby, or the fact that I called her Alyisha? Or perhaps these set of dreams are more metaphorical, which may mean the rebirth or something new coming into my life? Who knows, but my husband is looking mighty worried at the moment!


Caroline said...

It clearly means that you should have a baby boy and soon.

You could call him Captain Jack.

Janette Jones said...

Captain for short?!

Getty72 said...

Have a quick peep out of the window. If there is a stork flying in your direction, then ya really need to start worrying :)

Janette Jones said...

No stork yet and funnily enough no more baby dreams for the time being!