Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Day

Ah, another day, another dollar - don't you just love Mondays? No? Actually neither do I! I've been trying to write this report at work for the last week and finally today, I started to get somewhere with it. It feels a bit like that with my book at the moment. No, I didn't manage the 5,000 words yesterday, due to The Hills new series being available on line (I'm addicted!) and getting the urge to watch Dead Man Shoes (another Shane Meadows' classic and my fave film at the moment). I did manage to write some words, so I guess something is better than nothing!
I still worry that I'm going to fall short of the 80,000 words, that I've set myself as a target. I'm not even sure that's how many words a novel should comprise of, I just felt that looking at other writer's, that seemed to be a fair target of what they were setting themselves.
The best bit about writing the novel so far, is the fact that the main character is semi based on my own childhood. So, I've been dredging up all things that I used to get up to when I was younger, which has put a smile on my face, when I remember what I used to be like. I would love to say that I've grown up now, but I don't think that's ever going to happen! I'm still known as the girl who bought a cabbage from a bloke in a pub, whilst on a works night out and long may that never change!
PS I don't think the last bit will be going in my novel some how!

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