Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Same Routine

Roadworks/traffic lights suddenly appeared in the village where I work, without warning last week. Nothing unusually about that, I hear you say. Apart from the fact, the village is on the main A60 Loughborough road and I work on quite a busy business park. Everyone leaves at 5pm, so chaos prevailed and it was taking up to 90 minutes to travel 2 miles. I was not impressed. We had the usual memo sent round at work, saying that we would have to factor this into our working day???!!! We then got a complete U turn memo suggesting that Managers accommodate the working hours, so we weren't all trying to leave at once. I chose to work 8-4pm. I hate it. I've got nothing done in the last week and I'm no better off, although I'm missing the build up at the traffic lights, the traffic is still as busy on the ring road, as it is if I leave at 5pm.
It occurred to me today, what the problem was. I'm out of my routine and I hate it. I have to rush round to leave early in the morning (I like to wake up gradually!) and then it completely throws me for the rest of the day. I usually go on my bike for 30 mins in the morning, which gradually wakes me up and also means that I can read my book and then I'm usually set for the rest of the day. In for 9am, break at 10am, lunch at 12, break at 3pm, leave at 5pm. A creature of habit me. But I feel I need to have a routine in what ever I do in life and I need to feel comfortable with things, for me to be happy to do them. My writing is an indication of this. For years I thought of writing a book, but I didn't feel comfortable in doing it for a variety of reasons. I just needed to get a routine going with my writing and suddenly it feels like second nature to be writing almost every day. In fact if I don't get to write in what ever shape or form, then I feel a little lost, as if some thing's missing.
So tomorrow, I'm back to 9-5pm. The traffic lights have gone and I'll be back in my old routine. I least I did try to change, that must account for something!


b said...

was fab to meet you! see you again hopefully x

Janette Jones said...

You too honey and well done for tracking me down on the old facebook! Would be nice for us all to meet again and not just for a book launch - we will have to think of some other excuse! Take care x

trousers said...

From me too - lovely to meet you, and what a small world it is!

I haven't read anything on here yet, but I definitely will be doing (and I may even post comments ;-) )

Janette Jones said...

Trousers - good to meet you too! Still can't believe that me and you grew up in the next villages to one another - have already included your blog on my google reader, so you never know, you may be getting a comment soon!