Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fly Me To The Moon

In my giddiness of the past week, I forgot to mention that I have another task coming up. On Thursday, weather permitting, me and hubbie are going on a hot air balloon ride. Courtesy of Virgin Balloons (I hope the balloon is owned by Richard Branson and not because the pilot has never flown before!) we take off from Wollaton Park in sunny Nottingham. We are allowed to assist with getting the balloon ready and then we will take a tour of our lovely city. Slight bonus if it does happen on Thursday is that the Goose Fair is here, so hopefully we will be able to go over the site. According to the blurb, we also have a champagne toast, but are advised to park the car outside of Wollaton Park itself, due to the park closing at sunset (cue me forgetting and trying to climb over a park fence no doubt!)
Coming back on Saturday I also found out by accident that I will be doing another task this year, courtesy of the envelope marked 'RSC' that I picked up off the floor as I collected the post. Oh well at least I'm not sure which play it will be! (walks off muttering, Hamlet, Hamlet, please let it be Hamlet.....)

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