Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Day I Got Excited About A Fridge Magnet

The Internet is a marvellous place. Not only can you gain any information you require at the touch of a button, you also get to meet a whole host of people that ordinarily your paths would not cross with.

Take this Saturday. I was excited, almost giddy in fact. I was going to meet Caroline Smailes at the signing of her new book, Black Boxes, someone I've been blog buddies with for almost a year. I even chose a suitably non freaky outfit to wear, not that I have freaky outfits in the first place you understand, but first impressions and all that.

Armed with my sheep poo bookmarks (a present for Caroline) me and hubbie set off on a road trip up to Cheshire Oaks. Then we met C and it's kinda of weird when that happens, 'cos you feel that you've known this person for ages, because of this whole blogging thing, but really you are only meeting them for the first time.

Then we went back to C's house for cake and it felt even weirder, but in a nice weird way. Her house was full of bloggers! There was everyone there, from Badger to Trousers to B and a few more besides that I didn't get chance to say hi to. C wore a 'I Heart Lesbian nurses' t-shirt and I got two new fridge magnets, which I have to admit, I got a little bit giddy about (not quite sure what would have happened if I'd got a lesbian t-shirt as well!!). I also saw Captain Jack riding a dinosaur, but I may have dreamt that, or perhaps there was a secret ingredient in the cake, that nobody told me about??!!

Anyways (oh gosh, I can feel myself going giddy all over again!) I heart blogging people, I think they are ace. Even hubbie commented as we drove away, that very much like the Flickr folk that we meet on our travels, we didn't meet one bad person and we managed to get home to catch X Factor, how good is that?

So now the fridge magnets are pride of place next to Captain Jack and my signed Black Boxes is being kept safe on my special 'signed' section of my bookcase in between 31 Jewell Street and In Search Of Adam.

I had a lovely day, thank you Caroline and the rest of the blogging folk!


trousers said...

Nice to read about the day from someone else's perspective, and I know what you mean about meeting bloggers: meeting someone such as C (and others) for the first time, yet knowing so much about them - I really felt that too yesterday.

B said...

i had a fab day too :) will blog about it soon! and then review BB, which i finished on the train home today - yay!

Caroline said...

I often get excited about fridge magnets :)

Was so so fabulous to meet you and your very kinky boots. Thank you for not being a nutter :)


Janette Jones said...

C - my kinky boots say hi and it was so great to meet you and the rest of the blogger clan PS Did you see my Captain Jack fridge magnet??