Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Time Factor

So, it's day two of my week off work and I don't honestly know where the time has gone. The only blog related thing I've managed to do so far, is to pop my latest recordings into Radio Nottingham. I should hear back this week if they want to use them, or they may just get me back into the studio again, I'll let you know!

With time in mind, I've been mulling over my list. I have just over three years to complete it and with ten already done and dusted, then I am on course to complete the others within the timescale. Although there are tasks that are multiple ones i.e visit all fifty states of America that are probably going to be the trickiest. But I didn't make this list to be easy! I'm planning to complete another five by the New Year, so stay tuned and I will update you as and when I tick another one off my list!

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