Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Normal Service

Wednesday already, where does the time go, eh? For the eagle eyed readers of my blog, you may have noticed that I've reached the 30,000 words for my novel - hurrah! (can I hear a whoop, whoop?) I'm pretty pleased with that, seeing as I've lost the way a little with that in recent times, so it's good to pull it back and know where I'm going with this, well, at least I think I do!
I'm made a decision over the recent weeks. I've decided that instead of trying to do one hundred and one things at once (slight exaggeration I know!) I'm just going to concentrate on the things that I really want to do with life i.e. write my novel, write this blog and attempt to do the tasks set. I had all sorts of plans and things I wanted to do, which has started to eat in to the time I have spare to do the novel and blog, so it's goodbye to all those other things in life and now I can get on with the important things. Hopefully that will mean a lot more blog posts, as I know I have been neglecting things recently. Thanks for bearing with me, normal service will be resumed shortly.


Getty72 said...

hey :) Well done on reaching your 30,000 words. I am so pleased that it is coming along. I now how you feel about trying to keep up with everything. Time just seems to be flying past at the moment. (on that note, I'm sorry for not keeping in touch over the past few weeks, I also should be back to normal soon... whatever 'normal'!)

Best wishes ~ Graham

...and well done again with the 30,000 words. That is a real milestone!!!!

Janette Jones said...

Oh hello you, yep pretty damn proud I got to 30,000, especially as I've been wanting to write this novel for years and only managed to get to the first couple of chapters. I keep thinking this time next year, I could be submitting it to agents - scary!